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Rural Policy Group is the home of RED Talks - Rural Economic Development Talks. The world is in a state of flux and RED Talks will address the issues rural business owners, farmers and landowners are facing. RPG and its professional partners will explore the current issues facing rural businesses, seek interim solutions and look towards the future of the rural economy and rural policy to shore up rural now and for generations to come.

RED Talks are virtual debates held on Zoom and last approximately one hour. Information and advice from a panel of politicians, business people, professional advisors and policy wonks drawn from rural industries is followed by an open floor for attendees to ask questions or offer their own contribution to the topic. It's one third us; two thirds you.

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Upcoming Talks

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The Business & Science of Healthcare

Join us to debate the future of healthcare. We'll be looking into scientific and technological innovations in treatment and delivery, and what that means for those in the business of health and social care.

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The Importance of Pets to the Aging Population: How can the Pet Industry help?

Research has shown that the benefits of pet ownership amongst the older population can help increase fitness, alleviate loneliness, lower stress and bring happiness. This leads to the elderly being less demanding of health services and in less need of residential care. However, when elderly people leave their homes to be more supported in sheltered or residential accommodation, pet ownership can become distressing as many such environments do not allow pets. The aging population places inevitable challenges on health and social care, so it is time to put pets and their role in the welfare of older people under the spotlight. How can the pet industry help more people benefit from pet companionship in their twilight years? This RED Talk is being held in partnership with the Pet Industry Federation.

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National Fruit Show Live 2020: What Happens Next?

Lord Krebs, Founding Chairman of the Food Standards Agency participates in a panel discussion on food & farming policy and the role of British fruit farmers in feeding future generations. Obesity and food strategies, immigration policy, international trade deals and seasonal tariffs - what will a fruit business model look like? This Talk is held in partnership with the National Fruit Show and MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

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Lake Windermere
Rural Tourism

The United Kingdom is has an abundance of forests, beaches, mountains and countryside to discover. We take a look at how COVID-19 and the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus have impacted the rural leisure industry, its rural supply chain and the local economies which depend on tourists. More details coming soon.

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Purpose-driven Business

CSR is dead as a model of corporate responsibility and there is an evolution towards purpose-driven business as a strategy for branding and profitability - in partnership with MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

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Budget food
Food Price Wars

The race to the bottom pricing we have experienced in food retail is not sustainable for farmers and food producers, and international trade deals opening up the UK to cheap imports will compounded the issue. Join us to discuss how business can thrive in a challenging climate, the importance of fair margins and how we educate people to value food - in partnership with Fourayes.

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Christmas shopping
Omnichannel Retail this Christmas

The Spring lockdown had a devastating impact on retailers and hopes are being pinned on Christmas to recover the year. We will be looking at how the retail economy has fared since non-essential shops were allowed to re-open on 15th June, how new health and safety measures have changed the shopping experience in stores, whether the uplift in online spending has stuck and Christmas predictions. More details coming soon.

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